The Winner Within

Pat Riley
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Angelo Tsagarakis

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Why should you read it?

I have many books to recommend to many different kinds of people, but if I have to think of the very first book I would want to share on the Jocks Read platform, it would have to be the first book my mentor (Dominique Bukasa) asked me to read once I set foot in the United States as an exchange student in high school back in 2002: THE WINNER WITHIN, by Pat Riley.

Most sports fans may know him as the president of the Miami Heat but I knew Riley better as the amazing coach he was throughout his career in the NBA, first with the Lakers, then with the Knicks and finally with the Heat.

Riley is not only a successful master mind but a gifted motivational speaker. The Winner Within is his formula for success: It is a book about winning, leadership, mastery, change, and personal growth, based on understanding and controlling the shifting dynamics of a team - any team, whether it is a small company or a giant corporation, a family, a city, or a group of athletes.

He outlines his theories, and recounts his successes and infrequent failures with the Lakers and the Knicks in a superb, candid study. He provides vivid examples of how the “winner within'' each of us can adapt his ideas to all types of team play, whether in the sports arena, in daily life, or in the marketplace.

As a professional basketball veteran, a college graduate, now investor and business owner, I strongly recommend this book that can appeal to anybody looking for a greater understanding of what it takes to bring the winner we all have within us, out.

-Angelo Tsagarakis


The New York Times bestselling book from one of the greatest NBA coaches of all time.

He’s one of America’s greatest coaches, known for inspiring the champions of pro basketball to work as a team—in short, Pat Riley is a master at creating success. The Winner Within is his game plan for team players in all of life—not just on the court but in business, at home, and in personal achievement. Here are his winning strategies that inspire change, motivate teamwork, and reveal the winner within us all.

“Pat Riley is a true master . . . no one committed to success can afford to miss this opportunity to learn from the coach of the decade.”—Anthony Robbins, bestselling author of Awaken the Giant Within

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